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Regular regulatory inspections

As stated in our self-publishing services policy, we maintain "frequent control checks" on your work to make sure each step was completed correctly.

Because Blue Mount Publisher. offers self-publishing services, self-publishing has never been simpler. Arguments might be made against outsourcing publication when it should be done in-house. When we say that we provide self-publishing services, we mean everything from ideas to recommendations to layout, style, and drawings. Take advantage of our services right away.

Our self-publishing services bundle includes the following:

  • The most popular Self-Publishing choices for browsing
  • Giving Advice on Self-Publication
  • Making a cover for your book
  • Typesetting, formatting, and acquiring the ISBN for an eBook Copyright

Let us provide you with our finest self-publishing services, and we'll be happy to watch how your narrative ends. Whether consulting or full-on publication support, our pros have sworn to never leave your side!

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